Saturday, September 17, 2011

Your Life Your Way!

I have been thinking a lot  these days about my career , about education , about money and about success. My mind is filled with confusions but I am not too worried because confusions only occur when you have brain to think , question and decide.I am in the final year of my Engineering Degree which is a reputed course , I agree that the value of engineering as a term has decreased in our country but after my course completion , I will be called an Engineer which is a very reputed thing to be in the global perspective. I am not a mason or a waiter.I am a qualified , 44 subjects passed Engineer.

Once I pass out I have thousands of options available for me.I might not be able to see them right now because my vision is limited. But if I remove my blinds,I will be able to see clearly. I can take up a government job and try and work for organizations like BHEL , ONGC , NTPC , BARC , DRDO , SAIL , GAIL.

If I want to work in private organizations I can go for Siemens, L & T , ABB , GE . This list is  pretty big and opportunities are endless. Its a tough fight but then life was never easy. We have to learn and compete and get what we want. Getting what you want is easier once you are sure of what the hell it is that you want.

One more thing that is important is greed and fear. If you are making your career choices based on these two things , there is a good chance you are making a very big mistake and will repent it later in life.I won't say earning money is easy because Ive no experience in that department but I think it should not be very tough.

Sometimes we are so afraid of money and of being poor or of so called "loosing the race concept" that we sell ourselves too short. And we also forget that we are humans and not rats.

Now focussing on my interests , I basically love these 5 things ,  1. Writing  2. Power Production/Energy Producing Options 3. Internet Marketing 4. Entrepreneurship 5. Robotics.  Clearly its mixture of Tech, Creativity and Business.So I know my drive, trust me it took me a blow and 5 days to remove all pointless thoughts from my mind and jot down these interests which were lost in the piles of pointless data that my mind stores.

A lot of people gave me different kinds of advice.I respect each of them that's the reason why I discussed my problem with them. Some suggested I should take up a masters degree , Mtech or MS or MBA . I think it is a great idea but the cost of execution of this great idea is a bit too much for me to bear. I wish education was for free ,  but wishing this is almost like wanting Lady Gaga to wear normal clothes , "Impossible Dream".

So once I pass out I will try to find  organizations which deal with energy and power production. I will learn whatever is needed to get into these companies and try to give my best shot. Fingers Crossed! This is the best I could think of. If anyone out there feels I should take up Masters Degree please fund me!

If this article inspires you to think about your careers and what is it that you want in your life. If it makes you feel that you should focus on what you want and should not merely accept whatever the world is giving you then I think the purpose of writing this all down will be served. You are a precious jewel , believe in yourself and the world will be yours.