Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Note

I just completed my Degree,returned home after 4 years.Now I was hoping that I will get some rest because the last two months were really hard on me.The temperature was 38 Degrees+ , Exam pressure , Major project , Campus recruitments , other pressures.

It felt like heaven when I finally got back home.I made a long list of things I will like to do.But things are not going the way I had anticipated.Instead of feeling relaxed and having a good time,I feel burdened and its making me feel horrible.

People around me are putting unnecessary pressures on me which is stupid. They keep asking me what will I do after my degree.When I answer,they disapprove of my decision.When I don’t answer,they think I am useless and try to make me feel low.

Some on the other hand suggest that I should loose some weight , learn cooking and get married to a guy in a year or two.Again I never asked anyone for suggestions, I still smiled and kept my composure.

But now I think I am done.Can’t take it anymore! I think people should really mind their own business.I never asked them what they are doing or what they want to do in their lives, so I don’t think they have a right to ask me such questions.Its my life and I know what I am doing.

Right now I am on a break.I don’t care what people think.I want to sleep for hours and hours.I want to watch my favorite movies, eat my favorite food and read the books I have always wanted to read.I think Ive earned this.I want to lay on the grass and look at the sky, I want to count stars, I want to explore new places and meet all my old friends.I want to sing my favorite songs at the top of my voice.

I don’t need any pressure, don’t put the burden of unnecessary expectations on me.And you really don’t need to worry about me, its my life I will always make sure I do something good with it.For right now, just let me be!
Phew, writing all this down feels awesome.
Cheers to everyone who feels the same.Congratulations on Graduating! J
With Love,

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You and Only You, My Momma !

The other day someone asked me , Who do you love the most in your life? I smiled and replied “For me it always was, it always is and it always will be , My Mother!. No one can replace her place in my heart.People come , people go, seasons change but she is always there standing close to me,always holding my hand.
She has done things for me that noone can imagine,she provided for me, took care me, helped me with school , was always there whenever I needed her.
My first best friend, my sister, my brother , my hope, my inspiration and much more .She is everything.Today I am 60 kms away from her while writing this little note.I called her  a few minutes back , She is working and is doing good.I love it when she smiles on the phone and says everything is good at her end.
I wanted to write something so that I can immortalize the love I have for her,its hard to write about the kind of bond we have.I am out of words, Ive a big smile on my face,I am the luckiest person on the planet to have such a wonderful mother.Can’t wait for the exams to end so that I can go back and hug her tight. I love you , Momma!

And finally a wonderful picutre of Me and My Momma! <3

Cheers to all the wonderful mothers in the world, we don't need a mother's day to do that!

Momma's girl,
Nikita :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Lazy Thursday!

I don’t know what is in the air today.I feel so sleepy and lazy.Stayed up till 2 am so couldn’t get up on time,missed going to the temple with the family.Got up at 8 am, decided to get out of the bed.Spent a few seconds to decide on how to get out of bed,suddenly realized its an off day,went back to bed.
At 9:30 I had to get up to open the door ,argh I hate doorbells! Got myself tea and biscuits.Finished it.Mum served Poha Jalebi, ate it all.Burped! Opened up my laptop to check mails,took a chair and updated my status on facebook to tease my friends who are away and missing the yummy poha jalebi.

Started playing scrabbles with a friend,shifted on bed again.Kept loosing as I was feeling lazy to even think of words.Switched to youtube,watched some videos,songs,sang along.Still not moving at all from my place.Heaven is on earth today, it is a lazy lazy lazy day!
Mum asked me to shut the laptop off and do something.Asked her if getting a shower is something? She gave a look.Laptop off! Realized it was 12 noon.And I was sitting in the same position from past 1 and a half hour.Moved to the bathroom,realized there was no shampoo.
Bwah! No shampoo,no shower.Asked mum if we had another bottle.Nope,she replied.Came back to my room ,was back on the chair.Started wondering how to get a shampoo.Store! but store means 5 minutes walk.Walk means getting up, it also means changing, going down the staircase and combing hair.So much work.Looked up and asked god to give me shampoo magically.Waited for the magic to happen.
12:20 on the clock, combed,changed,took the staircase,went to the store,realized forgot to bring the money.Wanted to shout and cry,but politely smiled and told the shopkeeper I will go and get the money.Got back,took the money.While walking started wondering how lazy I am feeling today.what is wrong with me!! Smiled and decided to write it all down before it slips out of mind.
Off now before mumma catches me with the laptop again.Have a good day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The lesson I never forget!

When I was a little girl all my friends made fun of me because I couldn't ride a bicycle.Although I knew how to ride a scooter but not the bicycle.And my talent of riding a scooter was of no use because all other girls used bicycles to travel.
They laughed at me , it made me feel bad, I cried , got angry and decided that I will learn how to ride a bicycle.

I borrowed a second hand cycle from my Uncle which was almost twice my own size.But anyways I was happy atleast I had a bicycle now.Next morning I got up at 5:30 am and started my attempt to ride the cycle.

It was almost 6:15 am and I was standing on the road alone,trying to figure out how to sit on it.The moment I used to put a leg on the other side,the cycle used to start shaking. And before I could reach the seat ,I used to fall.Day 1 was a total disaster, no major injuries , few scratches on right arm.But I was ok.Still wondering how to sit on the cycle which was twice my size.

On day three I finally learnt the art of sitting on the bicycle seat and yes for me it was an art,skill lol that I thought was a very big achievement.

Slowly I started learning how to balance.Everytime I got hurt, I said to myself - "They think you can't do it, Do you agree?" And I was back.Trying to paddle slowly and move without falling.

I had to face a lot of embarrassing situation.I used to crash with people passing by ,sometimes with the poles , sometimes in mud and slippery area.For most people learning how to ride a bike is a fun experience , in my case it was filled with "Proving them wrong" kind of feeling.

After 3 and a half weeks I finally learnt how to ride a bicycle,that day I kept riding it for as long as I could.I was happy, proud , a winner in my own eyes.
That was one of the best days of my life.Even today when I see kids riding bikes , I smile :) .

That day I learnt a very important thing about myself and human nature in general. If someone makes you feel bad and laugh at you.Use that criticism to prove them wrong.Today someone said something to me and it made me feel horrible.I was angry but while returning back from college I saw a little girl riding a bike.I smiled and said to myself , "They think you can't do it,Do you agree? "


Monday, March 5, 2012

A meeting with the mirror.

The mirror called me today,he was angry that I don't meet him at all.He said, "I haven't seen you in months,where are you?". I see you everyday I replied. Really? he replied back. I took my chair and sat in front of the mirror.You dont look at me at all, I see you everyday running around,washing your face,tying up your hair without combing them,sometimes talking on the phone while eating breakfast or checking out emails.You don't even know how your face looks while you leave.Do you even know how you look like?

Ofcourse,I know how I look like! Do you know your eyes are becoming weak and dark because of the worries and frustrations and sorrow that your heart carries? And ofcourse because of the online bug that has smitten you.Your hair which were thick and long once are now thin and lifeless? Your dimples are cute and bring smile on faces of others and the forehand that is so broad and beautiful shines everytime light falls on it.A sign of greatness remember your grandmother said that.And the little tiny nose with two really small nostrils which make it hard for you to breathe if you catch cold.

Have you ever noticed the emergence of a real fine line on your forehead everytime you worry? And your layer of lipline which is colored by a mixture of Dark brown and pink with lower lip being a little thicker because you keep eating it up everytime you are confused . Do you know that everyday when you go out in the sun ,its rays burn your beautiful skin but you don't even bother to cover it up or take an umbrella.You think you are a wall right, no need of any kind of protection? But see how the beautiful complexion you had is slowing burning out.The piercings on your sharply shaped ears are crying for a beautiful set of earrings, your big dark eyes are dying to see you look beautiful.Why are you so ignorant?

I was shocked, it took me a few minutes to gather myself and I replied back.Mirror,I am ignorant because I don't think anyone cares how I look,no one here has the time to look at me or admire me or make me feel special.He replied back, "I Do". I look at you each day and I care for you and I admire you and you my friend are very special.

I took out a bottle of maskara from my suitcase,applied it and saw myself in the mirror.You look Beautiful, he said.I smiled at him with confidence.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I miss Writing!

Hello Everyone!

I know, Long time No see. Well I am unable to write these days.Its like I am going through a "Creativity Blocked" period or maybe Im just a little burnt.Whatever it is, I miss writing.My days are going , um ok! and I am doing good at college. My dreams of starting my personal blog-a-log are flushed in the toilet for atleast sometime now,until I complete my degree.

I am trying to control a f*cking wheelchair with a microcontroller and its not working,but we are on it,lets hope we will work it out so that I get the cookies called "Marks!"

Everything else is great, I am hoping I will get some new ideas soon to write about.Today I went to a Children's Hospital and I watched a funny Robowars event and I watched a movie "Rio" which was fun and I studied Power System Analysis.

I miss Triond , Blogspot , Wordpress , Adam Rat ,and people who read the crazy stuff I write about.
Miss you all!