Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The lesson I never forget!

When I was a little girl all my friends made fun of me because I couldn't ride a bicycle.Although I knew how to ride a scooter but not the bicycle.And my talent of riding a scooter was of no use because all other girls used bicycles to travel.
They laughed at me , it made me feel bad, I cried , got angry and decided that I will learn how to ride a bicycle.

I borrowed a second hand cycle from my Uncle which was almost twice my own size.But anyways I was happy atleast I had a bicycle now.Next morning I got up at 5:30 am and started my attempt to ride the cycle.

It was almost 6:15 am and I was standing on the road alone,trying to figure out how to sit on it.The moment I used to put a leg on the other side,the cycle used to start shaking. And before I could reach the seat ,I used to fall.Day 1 was a total disaster, no major injuries , few scratches on right arm.But I was ok.Still wondering how to sit on the cycle which was twice my size.

On day three I finally learnt the art of sitting on the bicycle seat and yes for me it was an art,skill lol that I thought was a very big achievement.

Slowly I started learning how to balance.Everytime I got hurt, I said to myself - "They think you can't do it, Do you agree?" And I was back.Trying to paddle slowly and move without falling.

I had to face a lot of embarrassing situation.I used to crash with people passing by ,sometimes with the poles , sometimes in mud and slippery area.For most people learning how to ride a bike is a fun experience , in my case it was filled with "Proving them wrong" kind of feeling.

After 3 and a half weeks I finally learnt how to ride a bicycle,that day I kept riding it for as long as I could.I was happy, proud , a winner in my own eyes.
That was one of the best days of my life.Even today when I see kids riding bikes , I smile :) .

That day I learnt a very important thing about myself and human nature in general. If someone makes you feel bad and laugh at you.Use that criticism to prove them wrong.Today someone said something to me and it made me feel horrible.I was angry but while returning back from college I saw a little girl riding a bike.I smiled and said to myself , "They think you can't do it,Do you agree? "



  1. Really awesome share. And true in its core. Keep writing...

  2. "If someone makes you feel bad and laugh at you.Use that criticism to prove them wrong."
    this line is so Inspiring :) nice :)

  3. Well...... It again proves the point that criticism should be taken positively :-) anger will not shut the mouths of ppl who criticize us :-)