Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love = Crime?

Sometime back I went to a restaurant and there was this couple sitting in a corner , holding hands and trying to forget the world. But the World was not ready to bear this rejection.Every person in the restaurant was looking at this couple with the corner of their eyes. In normal cases under such circumstances , my reaction is , "Ah, Public Display Of Affection! Why dont they find themselves some quiet place." Or if I am with a group of my single frustrated friends, we laugh and make fun of such love birds.
But today was a different day, I somehow realized how wrong we all are. The couple probably just wants some space so that they can talk to each other or express their affection. And talking about the "Quiet Place" , where on earth is such a place? At home they can't talk because of the narrow minded mentality of some parents. To whom every boy is a Thug and every girl who meets a boy is loose in character. And not every couple can afford big hotel bills or going out everytime they want to meet and talk. And even that is pointless because people stare at you and you start feeling like a criminal.Although all you are doing is trying to talk to the person you have highest affections for.
I wonder how the population of our country is 2nd Largest with such dual standards and age old ideas. According to some people,a couple should just get married and only then they can have a space where they can talk.But child marriage is banned in our country.So if you are 17 and you have a lover.You will be labled as a rebel .
“General Public” like me and my single pals end up feeling afraid of falling in love because we truly dont want trouble, we have a career to focus on ,so why add additional pressure if love is not easily acceptable.
To make things more diffcult people keep making “Lovey Dovy movies” which makes us all secretly believe that someday we will find our prince charming and there will be a happily ever after.
How on earth will that ever happen if we will continue to feel afraid of love? I don’t know, the dual standards are annoying and very confusing!
Let me know what you think! Lol I am sure not everyone will be able to relate to this post but this is my blog and I guess I can put up pretty much whatever comes into my head.
Will like to know what you think!
Until Next time,

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being 21 !

Every year people ask me how do you feel being a year older.And my answer is always the same, "Oh its almost like last year, I don't feel a lot of difference". But this year things are different. Being 21 is somehow totally different from being 20 year old. Sometimes its being getting worried about earning your own bread and sometimes it is totally careless. It is pretending that you know it all but knowing it in your heart that you have no clue what is happening . It is getting a little detached from your parents and meeting new people ,allowing them to be the part of your life. It is developing your own bonds , its the fight to create your own identity.Its a phase where you are no more categorized as a kid and you feel a little confused when people treat you as an adult.

Twenty One suddenly brings a responsiblity that we are unable to handle.I almost broke into tears when I realized that now I am grown up and now I can't hide and cry for all day.And I will have to hide it from everyone even if I did cry.  I still can play football with my 12 year old friends because they still love me , inspite of the fact that I am super tall and the odd one  in the team.

Now love is a serious affair , its no more little crushes , now everything is serious. Maybe this is the reason why adults don't smile lots , I mean really if you have to take everything seriously how on earth can you laugh all the time. Career = Serious , Money = Serious , Find yourself a house = Serious , Find yourself a partner = Serious , Fight our own battles = Serious. Argh , that sucks!

I know I am over reacting , Oh well its only a month that I turned 21 and I feel like the whole sky is falling on my head.Um Two big giant pandas sitting on my back is a better example for the pressure I am feeling I guess.If only I could reverse the clock. The funny part is when I was 8 year old , my dream was to grow big and now all I want is to be a kid again. Humans are funny , never ever satisfied with what they have in hand.

Being 21 surely brings a lot of freedom , you are free to make your own choices. I am sure there are more positive points but I am unable to come up with more because I am feeling very "Anti - 21!". So now I am the Captain of my own ship , the ship is a little shaky right now as the Captain is feeling a little confused and scared. But I am sure soon we will be fine , (My Ship and Me!) .All I need is to get myself a compass and a decent set of binoculars so that I can find my way !

Let me know how turning 21 was for you? Scary / Exciting / Funny? I will love to read !

Until Next Time,

Thursday, October 13, 2011

That Moment in Time!

Life is fast moving , everything keeps changing and we keep going with the flow. We all do so many activities and meet so many people that sometimes its even hard to recall what you just did the other day. There are evenings when I even find it hard to recall what I did in the morning.But inspite of all this there are moments which are permanently marked in our brains. Days which we never forget. Stories which will always stay in our hearts .I sometimes think that when I get 60 , I will have a great collection of such sweet / bitter memories that I will pass on to my grandchildren just like my grandma passed them to me. I will surely share my "Gammy's Stories " sometime soon.

For now lets focus on the topic. Moments! I have had some really sweet experiences and I have met amazing people .I have tons of sweet memories . Similarly Ive had bad days, I have met terrible people who made me feel horrible. But there is one moment in my life that somehow I just never forget .Unfortunately it was a bad moment. I won't be sharing much of the details but those who read my work often must have realized I always talk about a night when I was standing on the road , alone . It was raining.

I was 6 years old when this moment happened. And sometimes I feel I am still stuck in that moment in my head. I sometimes find myself wondering what was I going through at that moment that I still remember it. Was the moment so painful that even 15 years of time could not remove traces of it from my head. I see myself crying and my tears getting mixed up with the rains . I was scared and I had no clue what was happening. I think I will always remember that moment and somewhere in my head I am still stuck in that moment. Sounds funny but it is true. That moment has changed my life !

I bet you all also have that one moment in your lives that you will never forget , that one moment that has changed everything for you. Either for good or bad. A moment that has taught you the most valuable lesson of your life , or it could be the moment when you found the love of your life. A moment when you experienced pure joy or a moment when you suffered unbearable pain. One moment that somehow stands out from every other moment of your life. Take sometime out and think about it. While finding "That Moment" , I bet you will also think about various other good or bad moments that make your life special!

Life is a wonderful journey and I guess its always good to stop for a while and look back at what we have achieved and how much we have travelled.

Until Next Time,


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real - Unreal ?

Sometimes I feel its becoming very hard to distinguish between real and a virtual life. The more I think about it , the more I get confused. The other day I was talking to my real friend on a virtual environment. It almost felt like we were sitting right next to each other and cracking jokes. I was happy but was I truly happy? or the technology has altered my mind . We can meet people on the internet , we can talk , we can see each other and if the technology keeps growing the way it is , we probably will also be able to feel the touch sometime soon.

Imagine "High fiving " the monitor and you could feel the touch of your friend's hand who is "high fiving" from other side of the world.Precious , isnt it? But then arent we loosing something here? If we are sad , we go to our social networking site accounts and read jokes or gossips to cheer ourselves up.I miss the days when I could walk up to my friend's house, give her a hug , cry and discuss my problems with her. I hate it when I have to "write on my friends wall" , who resides just a few kilometres away from me. It is convenient no doubt but nothing and I mean nothing can replace the "REAL" thing! I will always prefer playing football with my friends in mud in real than playing the same over zapak or some other gaming site.

The confusion of real-unreal makes me think of the movie "Inception". The dream is the beautiful "virtual life". We are so happy in it that we start believing it is real. But you can't stay in your dream forever , if you will , you will certainly end up screwing your real life badly.

I am not "anti- tech" . I am a Tech- Addict, I love technology. I use google for searching almost everything , if I had my way I probably would have used google to find my lost pen. I use facebook to keep in touch with everyone , I know what my Kindergarten friend is doing these days and Ive a fair idea of what everyone I have ever met is doing . Its good to stay connected but do I really require that much of information? I guess no , sounds rude but it is true. People come into your life , they stay and then they move on . And thats how it is, you again meet new people. Life always kept changing and always will. And you cannot always use "Virtual" mediums to keep your "Real" life unchanged. Its like you are trying cosmetics to prevent yourself from aging.

According to a research , a human can have 150 stable social bondings at a time. But with internet Ive thousands of bonds and it confuses me , kills a lot of my time , and is taking away my mental peace.

Also the so called "easy way" or "convenience " is reducing the value of true human emotions. The value of true love , passion , friendship , happiness is decreasing because of so many options!! I have so many people in my life and I am " friends" with so many that the feeling is common and the "special" feel is just lost somewhere.I wonder if technology is bringing me near to people or taking me away from them.

There are advantages to technology , I agree! It helps in networking , increases your perspective , gives you knowledge , makes you aware. I am not sure why on earth we stress so much upon knowing everything about everything.Lets not get into that because I probably need to "grow up" a lil more to understand all of this.

I can go on and on , but I dont want the readers to bang their heads to the wall and say, "What is your point?". Point simply is that I feel Internet is taking us away from each other in real life and is also confusing us at times .We probably should decrease our dependence on it when it comes to real bondings. That was my take and feel free and throw your takes on me! :)

Until Next Time,


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Health Matters!

I am the kind of person who loves food. I don't feel embarassed in saying that I dream about eating a big chunk of chocolate at night.My philosophy in life has always been "Live to Eat" and it has worked quite well for me for the last 20 years of my life. But yesterday while me and my pal were running up and down the staircase , I started to choke up. I could see my friend climbing up swifting while I was completing one step and taking god's name so that I can climb the next. I felt terrible. Its a really bad feeling when your 21st Birthday is round the corner and you can't climb a staircase properly.

So before I turn 21 , Ive decided that I will change my food habits. I will no more eat everything that is digestable like a ruminating animal. I will try to resist myself from eating things that are not healthy. Before that I kind of need to figure what exactly is "unhealthy food" . Because before this I never really had this concept of healthy - unhealthy food in mind. My classification was Yummy-Yummier! :)

For all you people out there who love food as much as I do , Ive a advice! Well I won't say leave your love and start fasting , because we don't have to go and win beauty pageants but try to keep a track of how much quantity you are eating and balance it with a equal amount of physical workout. Physical workout is important nomatter how much I hate saying this but truth is truth. I will be putting on my running shoes , I must confess this isnt the first time I am taking them out.

A few months back I had a similar "Need to loose weight" phase but it lasted only for 1 week and I quit running. But this time I am pretty serious about staying fit and healthy because I want that I should be able to climb staircases with a good speed when I turn 42! Life is a gift and it is beautiful! And one can only relish this gift fully if they have a fit body, mind and soul.

And not to forget its always easier to get a lot of attention if you are fit and fine! Haha I bet this statement will make a lot of people get into action, go find your running shoes , join a gym , take up your favorite sport. If this inspires you to be fit , so it be! Attractiveness is always good , eh?

For me , As soon as I finish writing up this post , I will put my favorite music on and dance dance dance. I am saying bye bye to my "Beloved Chocolate" and giving a divorce to my "Dal-bhaat". I will eat healthy and exercise regulary. Ive tried to discuss this issue on a real light note but it is serious. Your health is important , I hope you start working out because a good health is IMPORTANT!

Until Next Time ,


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Your Life Your Way!

I have been thinking a lot  these days about my career , about education , about money and about success. My mind is filled with confusions but I am not too worried because confusions only occur when you have brain to think , question and decide.I am in the final year of my Engineering Degree which is a reputed course , I agree that the value of engineering as a term has decreased in our country but after my course completion , I will be called an Engineer which is a very reputed thing to be in the global perspective. I am not a mason or a waiter.I am a qualified , 44 subjects passed Engineer.

Once I pass out I have thousands of options available for me.I might not be able to see them right now because my vision is limited. But if I remove my blinds,I will be able to see clearly. I can take up a government job and try and work for organizations like BHEL , ONGC , NTPC , BARC , DRDO , SAIL , GAIL.

If I want to work in private organizations I can go for Siemens, L & T , ABB , GE . This list is  pretty big and opportunities are endless. Its a tough fight but then life was never easy. We have to learn and compete and get what we want. Getting what you want is easier once you are sure of what the hell it is that you want.

One more thing that is important is greed and fear. If you are making your career choices based on these two things , there is a good chance you are making a very big mistake and will repent it later in life.I won't say earning money is easy because Ive no experience in that department but I think it should not be very tough.

Sometimes we are so afraid of money and of being poor or of so called "loosing the race concept" that we sell ourselves too short. And we also forget that we are humans and not rats.

Now focussing on my interests , I basically love these 5 things ,  1. Writing  2. Power Production/Energy Producing Options 3. Internet Marketing 4. Entrepreneurship 5. Robotics.  Clearly its mixture of Tech, Creativity and Business.So I know my drive, trust me it took me a blow and 5 days to remove all pointless thoughts from my mind and jot down these interests which were lost in the piles of pointless data that my mind stores.

A lot of people gave me different kinds of advice.I respect each of them that's the reason why I discussed my problem with them. Some suggested I should take up a masters degree , Mtech or MS or MBA . I think it is a great idea but the cost of execution of this great idea is a bit too much for me to bear. I wish education was for free ,  but wishing this is almost like wanting Lady Gaga to wear normal clothes , "Impossible Dream".

So once I pass out I will try to find  organizations which deal with energy and power production. I will learn whatever is needed to get into these companies and try to give my best shot. Fingers Crossed! This is the best I could think of. If anyone out there feels I should take up Masters Degree please fund me!

If this article inspires you to think about your careers and what is it that you want in your life. If it makes you feel that you should focus on what you want and should not merely accept whatever the world is giving you then I think the purpose of writing this all down will be served. You are a precious jewel , believe in yourself and the world will be yours.