Sunday, October 2, 2011

Health Matters!

I am the kind of person who loves food. I don't feel embarassed in saying that I dream about eating a big chunk of chocolate at night.My philosophy in life has always been "Live to Eat" and it has worked quite well for me for the last 20 years of my life. But yesterday while me and my pal were running up and down the staircase , I started to choke up. I could see my friend climbing up swifting while I was completing one step and taking god's name so that I can climb the next. I felt terrible. Its a really bad feeling when your 21st Birthday is round the corner and you can't climb a staircase properly.

So before I turn 21 , Ive decided that I will change my food habits. I will no more eat everything that is digestable like a ruminating animal. I will try to resist myself from eating things that are not healthy. Before that I kind of need to figure what exactly is "unhealthy food" . Because before this I never really had this concept of healthy - unhealthy food in mind. My classification was Yummy-Yummier! :)

For all you people out there who love food as much as I do , Ive a advice! Well I won't say leave your love and start fasting , because we don't have to go and win beauty pageants but try to keep a track of how much quantity you are eating and balance it with a equal amount of physical workout. Physical workout is important nomatter how much I hate saying this but truth is truth. I will be putting on my running shoes , I must confess this isnt the first time I am taking them out.

A few months back I had a similar "Need to loose weight" phase but it lasted only for 1 week and I quit running. But this time I am pretty serious about staying fit and healthy because I want that I should be able to climb staircases with a good speed when I turn 42! Life is a gift and it is beautiful! And one can only relish this gift fully if they have a fit body, mind and soul.

And not to forget its always easier to get a lot of attention if you are fit and fine! Haha I bet this statement will make a lot of people get into action, go find your running shoes , join a gym , take up your favorite sport. If this inspires you to be fit , so it be! Attractiveness is always good , eh?

For me , As soon as I finish writing up this post , I will put my favorite music on and dance dance dance. I am saying bye bye to my "Beloved Chocolate" and giving a divorce to my "Dal-bhaat". I will eat healthy and exercise regulary. Ive tried to discuss this issue on a real light note but it is serious. Your health is important , I hope you start working out because a good health is IMPORTANT!

Until Next Time ,



  1. good to know that u started to take care of your self before its too late....all the best in all your efforts to stay fit and healthy :) :)

  2. A good post my friend, look forward to reading more from you.