Saturday, October 8, 2011

Real - Unreal ?

Sometimes I feel its becoming very hard to distinguish between real and a virtual life. The more I think about it , the more I get confused. The other day I was talking to my real friend on a virtual environment. It almost felt like we were sitting right next to each other and cracking jokes. I was happy but was I truly happy? or the technology has altered my mind . We can meet people on the internet , we can talk , we can see each other and if the technology keeps growing the way it is , we probably will also be able to feel the touch sometime soon.

Imagine "High fiving " the monitor and you could feel the touch of your friend's hand who is "high fiving" from other side of the world.Precious , isnt it? But then arent we loosing something here? If we are sad , we go to our social networking site accounts and read jokes or gossips to cheer ourselves up.I miss the days when I could walk up to my friend's house, give her a hug , cry and discuss my problems with her. I hate it when I have to "write on my friends wall" , who resides just a few kilometres away from me. It is convenient no doubt but nothing and I mean nothing can replace the "REAL" thing! I will always prefer playing football with my friends in mud in real than playing the same over zapak or some other gaming site.

The confusion of real-unreal makes me think of the movie "Inception". The dream is the beautiful "virtual life". We are so happy in it that we start believing it is real. But you can't stay in your dream forever , if you will , you will certainly end up screwing your real life badly.

I am not "anti- tech" . I am a Tech- Addict, I love technology. I use google for searching almost everything , if I had my way I probably would have used google to find my lost pen. I use facebook to keep in touch with everyone , I know what my Kindergarten friend is doing these days and Ive a fair idea of what everyone I have ever met is doing . Its good to stay connected but do I really require that much of information? I guess no , sounds rude but it is true. People come into your life , they stay and then they move on . And thats how it is, you again meet new people. Life always kept changing and always will. And you cannot always use "Virtual" mediums to keep your "Real" life unchanged. Its like you are trying cosmetics to prevent yourself from aging.

According to a research , a human can have 150 stable social bondings at a time. But with internet Ive thousands of bonds and it confuses me , kills a lot of my time , and is taking away my mental peace.

Also the so called "easy way" or "convenience " is reducing the value of true human emotions. The value of true love , passion , friendship , happiness is decreasing because of so many options!! I have so many people in my life and I am " friends" with so many that the feeling is common and the "special" feel is just lost somewhere.I wonder if technology is bringing me near to people or taking me away from them.

There are advantages to technology , I agree! It helps in networking , increases your perspective , gives you knowledge , makes you aware. I am not sure why on earth we stress so much upon knowing everything about everything.Lets not get into that because I probably need to "grow up" a lil more to understand all of this.

I can go on and on , but I dont want the readers to bang their heads to the wall and say, "What is your point?". Point simply is that I feel Internet is taking us away from each other in real life and is also confusing us at times .We probably should decrease our dependence on it when it comes to real bondings. That was my take and feel free and throw your takes on me! :)

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