Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You and Only You, My Momma !

The other day someone asked me , Who do you love the most in your life? I smiled and replied “For me it always was, it always is and it always will be , My Mother!. No one can replace her place in my heart.People come , people go, seasons change but she is always there standing close to me,always holding my hand.
She has done things for me that noone can imagine,she provided for me, took care me, helped me with school , was always there whenever I needed her.
My first best friend, my sister, my brother , my hope, my inspiration and much more .She is everything.Today I am 60 kms away from her while writing this little note.I called her  a few minutes back , She is working and is doing good.I love it when she smiles on the phone and says everything is good at her end.
I wanted to write something so that I can immortalize the love I have for her,its hard to write about the kind of bond we have.I am out of words, Ive a big smile on my face,I am the luckiest person on the planet to have such a wonderful mother.Can’t wait for the exams to end so that I can go back and hug her tight. I love you , Momma!

And finally a wonderful picutre of Me and My Momma! <3

Cheers to all the wonderful mothers in the world, we don't need a mother's day to do that!

Momma's girl,
Nikita :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Lazy Thursday!

I don’t know what is in the air today.I feel so sleepy and lazy.Stayed up till 2 am so couldn’t get up on time,missed going to the temple with the family.Got up at 8 am, decided to get out of the bed.Spent a few seconds to decide on how to get out of bed,suddenly realized its an off day,went back to bed.
At 9:30 I had to get up to open the door ,argh I hate doorbells! Got myself tea and biscuits.Finished it.Mum served Poha Jalebi, ate it all.Burped! Opened up my laptop to check mails,took a chair and updated my status on facebook to tease my friends who are away and missing the yummy poha jalebi.

Started playing scrabbles with a friend,shifted on bed again.Kept loosing as I was feeling lazy to even think of words.Switched to youtube,watched some videos,songs,sang along.Still not moving at all from my place.Heaven is on earth today, it is a lazy lazy lazy day!
Mum asked me to shut the laptop off and do something.Asked her if getting a shower is something? She gave a look.Laptop off! Realized it was 12 noon.And I was sitting in the same position from past 1 and a half hour.Moved to the bathroom,realized there was no shampoo.
Bwah! No shampoo,no shower.Asked mum if we had another bottle.Nope,she replied.Came back to my room ,was back on the chair.Started wondering how to get a shampoo.Store! but store means 5 minutes walk.Walk means getting up, it also means changing, going down the staircase and combing hair.So much work.Looked up and asked god to give me shampoo magically.Waited for the magic to happen.
12:20 on the clock, combed,changed,took the staircase,went to the store,realized forgot to bring the money.Wanted to shout and cry,but politely smiled and told the shopkeeper I will go and get the money.Got back,took the money.While walking started wondering how lazy I am feeling today.what is wrong with me!! Smiled and decided to write it all down before it slips out of mind.
Off now before mumma catches me with the laptop again.Have a good day!