Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Being 21 !

Every year people ask me how do you feel being a year older.And my answer is always the same, "Oh its almost like last year, I don't feel a lot of difference". But this year things are different. Being 21 is somehow totally different from being 20 year old. Sometimes its being getting worried about earning your own bread and sometimes it is totally careless. It is pretending that you know it all but knowing it in your heart that you have no clue what is happening . It is getting a little detached from your parents and meeting new people ,allowing them to be the part of your life. It is developing your own bonds , its the fight to create your own identity.Its a phase where you are no more categorized as a kid and you feel a little confused when people treat you as an adult.

Twenty One suddenly brings a responsiblity that we are unable to handle.I almost broke into tears when I realized that now I am grown up and now I can't hide and cry for all day.And I will have to hide it from everyone even if I did cry.  I still can play football with my 12 year old friends because they still love me , inspite of the fact that I am super tall and the odd one  in the team.

Now love is a serious affair , its no more little crushes , now everything is serious. Maybe this is the reason why adults don't smile lots , I mean really if you have to take everything seriously how on earth can you laugh all the time. Career = Serious , Money = Serious , Find yourself a house = Serious , Find yourself a partner = Serious , Fight our own battles = Serious. Argh , that sucks!

I know I am over reacting , Oh well its only a month that I turned 21 and I feel like the whole sky is falling on my head.Um Two big giant pandas sitting on my back is a better example for the pressure I am feeling I guess.If only I could reverse the clock. The funny part is when I was 8 year old , my dream was to grow big and now all I want is to be a kid again. Humans are funny , never ever satisfied with what they have in hand.

Being 21 surely brings a lot of freedom , you are free to make your own choices. I am sure there are more positive points but I am unable to come up with more because I am feeling very "Anti - 21!". So now I am the Captain of my own ship , the ship is a little shaky right now as the Captain is feeling a little confused and scared. But I am sure soon we will be fine , (My Ship and Me!) .All I need is to get myself a compass and a decent set of binoculars so that I can find my way !

Let me know how turning 21 was for you? Scary / Exciting / Funny? I will love to read !

Until Next Time,