Saturday, February 25, 2012

I miss Writing!

Hello Everyone!

I know, Long time No see. Well I am unable to write these days.Its like I am going through a "Creativity Blocked" period or maybe Im just a little burnt.Whatever it is, I miss writing.My days are going , um ok! and I am doing good at college. My dreams of starting my personal blog-a-log are flushed in the toilet for atleast sometime now,until I complete my degree.

I am trying to control a f*cking wheelchair with a microcontroller and its not working,but we are on it,lets hope we will work it out so that I get the cookies called "Marks!"

Everything else is great, I am hoping I will get some new ideas soon to write about.Today I went to a Children's Hospital and I watched a funny Robowars event and I watched a movie "Rio" which was fun and I studied Power System Analysis.

I miss Triond , Blogspot , Wordpress , Adam Rat ,and people who read the crazy stuff I write about.
Miss you all!