Thursday, October 13, 2011

That Moment in Time!

Life is fast moving , everything keeps changing and we keep going with the flow. We all do so many activities and meet so many people that sometimes its even hard to recall what you just did the other day. There are evenings when I even find it hard to recall what I did in the morning.But inspite of all this there are moments which are permanently marked in our brains. Days which we never forget. Stories which will always stay in our hearts .I sometimes think that when I get 60 , I will have a great collection of such sweet / bitter memories that I will pass on to my grandchildren just like my grandma passed them to me. I will surely share my "Gammy's Stories " sometime soon.

For now lets focus on the topic. Moments! I have had some really sweet experiences and I have met amazing people .I have tons of sweet memories . Similarly Ive had bad days, I have met terrible people who made me feel horrible. But there is one moment in my life that somehow I just never forget .Unfortunately it was a bad moment. I won't be sharing much of the details but those who read my work often must have realized I always talk about a night when I was standing on the road , alone . It was raining.

I was 6 years old when this moment happened. And sometimes I feel I am still stuck in that moment in my head. I sometimes find myself wondering what was I going through at that moment that I still remember it. Was the moment so painful that even 15 years of time could not remove traces of it from my head. I see myself crying and my tears getting mixed up with the rains . I was scared and I had no clue what was happening. I think I will always remember that moment and somewhere in my head I am still stuck in that moment. Sounds funny but it is true. That moment has changed my life !

I bet you all also have that one moment in your lives that you will never forget , that one moment that has changed everything for you. Either for good or bad. A moment that has taught you the most valuable lesson of your life , or it could be the moment when you found the love of your life. A moment when you experienced pure joy or a moment when you suffered unbearable pain. One moment that somehow stands out from every other moment of your life. Take sometime out and think about it. While finding "That Moment" , I bet you will also think about various other good or bad moments that make your life special!

Life is a wonderful journey and I guess its always good to stop for a while and look back at what we have achieved and how much we have travelled.

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