Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love = Crime?

Sometime back I went to a restaurant and there was this couple sitting in a corner , holding hands and trying to forget the world. But the World was not ready to bear this rejection.Every person in the restaurant was looking at this couple with the corner of their eyes. In normal cases under such circumstances , my reaction is , "Ah, Public Display Of Affection! Why dont they find themselves some quiet place." Or if I am with a group of my single frustrated friends, we laugh and make fun of such love birds.
But today was a different day, I somehow realized how wrong we all are. The couple probably just wants some space so that they can talk to each other or express their affection. And talking about the "Quiet Place" , where on earth is such a place? At home they can't talk because of the narrow minded mentality of some parents. To whom every boy is a Thug and every girl who meets a boy is loose in character. And not every couple can afford big hotel bills or going out everytime they want to meet and talk. And even that is pointless because people stare at you and you start feeling like a criminal.Although all you are doing is trying to talk to the person you have highest affections for.
I wonder how the population of our country is 2nd Largest with such dual standards and age old ideas. According to some people,a couple should just get married and only then they can have a space where they can talk.But child marriage is banned in our country.So if you are 17 and you have a lover.You will be labled as a rebel .
“General Public” like me and my single pals end up feeling afraid of falling in love because we truly dont want trouble, we have a career to focus on ,so why add additional pressure if love is not easily acceptable.
To make things more diffcult people keep making “Lovey Dovy movies” which makes us all secretly believe that someday we will find our prince charming and there will be a happily ever after.
How on earth will that ever happen if we will continue to feel afraid of love? I don’t know, the dual standards are annoying and very confusing!
Let me know what you think! Lol I am sure not everyone will be able to relate to this post but this is my blog and I guess I can put up pretty much whatever comes into my head.
Will like to know what you think!
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  1. Whenever a guy and a girl go out, they get to deal with loads of raised eyebrows, and a hell lot of judgement everytime :) You really captured it all very well with your words! Loved your frankness! Keep going tall girl :)

  2. very nice observation and expression my friend . . . i enjoyed the moment in time i took to read this offering . . . very "Humane"

    Thank you

  3. Well, was a Quite fiesty blog,
    very factual consideration and very well composed..

  4. very magnanimous thot n writing
    keep up wid it
    very nice

  5. its a quiet interesting topic, well on one side there is well known conservative indian culture and on the other hand fast pace of present world.....
    both are going in two opposite streams.....
    so if we have to go with one we have to sacrifice other.......
    its not so easy to talk about

  6. Thoghtful. Factual.
    Nice work nikki!

  7. Good write up. Things are very confusing all around. There are mixed standards in the U.S about public displays of affection. People don't like it, yet the countries moral state is in question. Parents seem always suspicious of their children's choice of a mate, no matter the country too. Things do get confusing but we just find ways to keep happy...from Minister Marlene