Monday, March 5, 2012

A meeting with the mirror.

The mirror called me today,he was angry that I don't meet him at all.He said, "I haven't seen you in months,where are you?". I see you everyday I replied. Really? he replied back. I took my chair and sat in front of the mirror.You dont look at me at all, I see you everyday running around,washing your face,tying up your hair without combing them,sometimes talking on the phone while eating breakfast or checking out emails.You don't even know how your face looks while you leave.Do you even know how you look like?

Ofcourse,I know how I look like! Do you know your eyes are becoming weak and dark because of the worries and frustrations and sorrow that your heart carries? And ofcourse because of the online bug that has smitten you.Your hair which were thick and long once are now thin and lifeless? Your dimples are cute and bring smile on faces of others and the forehand that is so broad and beautiful shines everytime light falls on it.A sign of greatness remember your grandmother said that.And the little tiny nose with two really small nostrils which make it hard for you to breathe if you catch cold.

Have you ever noticed the emergence of a real fine line on your forehead everytime you worry? And your layer of lipline which is colored by a mixture of Dark brown and pink with lower lip being a little thicker because you keep eating it up everytime you are confused . Do you know that everyday when you go out in the sun ,its rays burn your beautiful skin but you don't even bother to cover it up or take an umbrella.You think you are a wall right, no need of any kind of protection? But see how the beautiful complexion you had is slowing burning out.The piercings on your sharply shaped ears are crying for a beautiful set of earrings, your big dark eyes are dying to see you look beautiful.Why are you so ignorant?

I was shocked, it took me a few minutes to gather myself and I replied back.Mirror,I am ignorant because I don't think anyone cares how I look,no one here has the time to look at me or admire me or make me feel special.He replied back, "I Do". I look at you each day and I care for you and I admire you and you my friend are very special.

I took out a bottle of maskara from my suitcase,applied it and saw myself in the mirror.You look Beautiful, he said.I smiled at him with confidence.

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